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Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007, 01:14 am
mushroom_maiden: Hey everyone, just a little update on my plans.

Well, thanks to handy comments I’ve received from members of the various communities I posted in, my plans for fitness have changed a little.

For my everyday exercise, I’ll just be doing my various stretches and muscle-working exercises such as lunges, squats, pushups, lifting some weights if I can get some (otherwise maybe food cans!), and my sit-up variation, and/or other stomach exercises if I can find some. I know it was suggested to me to only work each muscle group every two days, but I think it would be better for me to do it every day as that’s easier to get used to as a routine, however I will try to listen to my body well and I will certainly give my muscles a rest if they seem to need time to recover and rest.

My more intense exercise I’ll be doing every 2 days instead of every day, by suggestion. And instead of jogging/powerwalking alternately around my block twice (which was only taking about 15 minutes) I’ll be going for longer, 30 minutes, but starting off with more walking than jogging, and increasing it gradually. I was given this link (link) to a plan for gradually increasing intensity and I think it’s really good, I’ve decided I’ll give it a go. This will help increase my fitness in the sense of being able to be active for longer without getting puffed out, which is my main aim, because of musical theatre, swordfighting and dancing etc, as well as just life in general. And I’ll burn more fat, which is my other aim, to decrease the fat content in my body (and maybe get rid of a little flab. As I said, I’m not fat, but I do have a little more pudginess here and there than I’d like). I dislike the idea of taking water with me, but I’ll do that if I need to. I’ll have to get a watch so I can see how long I’ve been going for. I’ll definitely drink water before I leave, plus when I get back, and I’m going to try not eating breakfast until I get back and see how that works for me.

I’m also still definitely getting my bike from my dad’s house, I don’t know about you but I find riding much more enjoyable than walking! If I’m doing that walking/running plan then I won’t be switching walking for riding every 2 days like I thought I might, but I’ll do the walking 3 times a week and the riding whenever I feel like it (which I reckon will be reasonably often). Riding is quite easy and I live right by a reasonably flat bike track, so I don’t think I’ll be overdoing it. It’ll also be handy to have my bike to ride to my friends’ houses, the shops, etc. ^_^ Plus my bike has a water bottle holder so that’s good.

I also still intend to go swimming and dancing when the opportunity so arises. I was doing bellydancing for a while, but I don’t have the money right now, however if I get some money together again (and have the time amongst all my music and drama commitments) I’ll definitely start up again. I’d just like to say, I recommend bellydancing to anyone – it’s great exercise and works muscles really well, plus it’s fun, sexy, and usually the classes are a great environment. It’s Goddess time. And who doesn’t like jingly, sparkly outfits?

My other exercise-things I’ll still be doing are karate lessons, starting soon, and swordfighting/samurai training; things which I very much enjoy and are very good exercise, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically! We’re swordfighting again for the first time in a while tomorrow, and once it gets cooler we’ll be doing it more and more often (my sensei and the other fighters hate the heat.)

As for eating, I’m still going to stick with what I said before, drinking water when I feel peckish before eating anything, no buying chocolate, lollies, cake etc, eating fruit more often, and just trying to be healthier in general. Also just eating less – not by much, but I do eat a bit too much, just in snacks and whatnot, so I’m going to try not to snack at all, unless it is fruit. Or veggies. But I doubt I’m gonna eat veggies for snacks. :P

I have another question though, does anyone know any good stomach-muscle exercises other than situps? I don’t really have the money to buy or rent DVDs right now. (just moved out and living off government pay mostly because my job isn’t really very active right now. I’m a waitress by the way, in a restaurant that’s just opened, so they haven’t been getting much business yet.)

Thanks so much to the people who commented on my last entry! You were a whole bunch of help and I feel very encouraged.


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Mon, Feb. 5th, 2007, 12:19 pm
mushroom_maiden: Hello!

This is my first post, just joined. My name's Becca, I'm 17 years old and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I've always been pretty unfit, and though I like exercising I am really lazy. I've just started regular exercising, and my goals are to get rid of a little flab (I'm not fat, but I have too-high fat content, if that makes any sense), increase strength in general but specifically tummy, legs and arms, and get fit so that I can have stamina and not get puffed out so easily, and just be healthier in general.

I'm auditioning for my local theatre company's production of Cats, and that is the main thing that got me into gear. Cats is a highly dance-oriented production and I'm going to need to be a lot fitter than I am right now if I want to be in it. I also need to be stronger in legs and other muscles, and flexibility helps, too.

I've been exercising every day for a while, just some little stuff like situps (not really situps but the different version which isn't bad for your back) and pushups, plus stretching. So I'll continue doing those, plus every day I'm going to jog/powerwalk (alternating) around my block twice, one way and then the other. To prevent me getting lazy and/or forgetting, I'm going to do it every day when I wake up in the morning. Wake up, eat breakfast, wait maybe half an hour for it to digest so I don't get cramps, doing my stretches and little exercises in the meantime, then go out and jog around the block twice, have a shower, then get on with the rest of my day. And go to bed at least before 11 every night. All this will also help me to develop willpower, discipline, etc.

I also intend to go swimming seeing as it's summer, and I'll get my bike from my dad's house and start riding again, especially since I live right next to the bike track.

Also, no more buying lollies or chocolate or cakes (should be good on my budget as well as my body)! Now that my new housemates live here, I'm sharing dinner with them a lot which means I'm finally eating vegetables n good stuff. I just bought a box of Coco Pops but I've realised they make me feel ill :( So no more of those which will be good for me I'm sure. Toast for breakfast, fruit for lunch seeing as we have plenty in the garden, a sandwich if I still feel hungry, and then yummy vegetarian dinner when my housemates cook, and pasta or noodles is fine if they're not here/not cooking shared dinner. And if I get hungry/bored at random points during the day, I will drink a glass of water instead of nibbling. I will not have snacks unless I have first drunk two glasses of water. (I don't drink nearly enough water right now, so this should be good for me too.) Unless I eat some fruit or veggies or something. Then it's fine. But I should still drink the water anyway.

I'll also be starting karate lessons soon, dancing non-stop if I get into Cats, dancing lots anyway for my school musical, and I go out dancing on Friday nights anyway. And once it gets a bit cooler I'll be starting swordfighting training again too.

I have a couple of questions for you knowledgable people. Today was my second day of jogging around my block. For some background, my block is quite large and involves some uphill. Yesterday I felt great all day after I did it, so I'm sure it's good for me. Today though, after I'd gotten halfway (once round the block) my calf muscles started to ache like crazy. I tried walking normally but it really hurt with every step... it hurt most when I was stepping with my toes. (that sentence was really hard to write... what I mean is, when you step, you go from heel to front of the foot, and it was when I got to front of the foot that my calf muscles hurt the most.) It hurt less to powerwalk or jog than it did to walk normally. I stretched before I left and I stretched when I got back home, but when I did what I thought were calf muscle stretches (one knee bent, the other foot out in front on its heel, reaching for the toes, or one leg bent out in front and the other way back straight) it felt like they were stretching a different muscle to what was aching. It hurts to walk now. What I want to know is, have I done something wrong? Or are they just hurting because I'm suddenly exercising them lots? Could it be because the first part of my jog is uphill? Any suggestions for relieving or lessening pain? Any stretches you know that are good?

I also wanted to ask if you know of any exercises other than situps which are good for tummy muscles. Right now I do the one where you lie on the floor flat on your back, then bring both knees up, then lay your legs back down again. It works tummy muscles and eventually leg muscles too. Situps are apparantly bad for your back and I find them stupidly difficult anyway.

I've also been doing pushups (girly pushups from the knees) and I'd like to maybe get some small one-arm weights to make my arms stronger.

Any suggestions of good leg-strengthening exercises? Or will my jogging uphill (and bikeridng eventually) be enough?

And basically, I just wanted to check that I'm doing everything right and not doing anything harmful. Oh yeah, two more things - I don't drink any water before I go jogging because I'm afraid of getting cramps, but I do eat breakfast (two pieces of toast.) I wait half an hour for the food to digest before going, and I haven't gotten a cramp yet, and I drink plenty of water when I get back. Is this the right thing to do? And yesterday when I jogged for the first time (and again today but not as bad) in the very last ten metres or so, I got an achey but reasonably sharp pain where I presume my heart to be, on the left side of my chest. Is this anything to be worried about? It went away pretty much as soon as I stopped, and it wasn't as bad today.

Thanks in advance for helping out! Sorry for the long post and probable n00b-ishness!

Stat: I weigh 70 kilos right now. Boobs are DD. (just coz I heard that you lose fat off your boobs first.) Clothing size 12-14 (that's Australian sizes, and about 10 in the UK or 8 US.) Dunno how tall I am. It doesn't really matter, because I'm not looking to lose weight specifically, but just so I remember in case I do lose weight so I can gloat to myself about it ^_^

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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006, 11:26 pm
_boing_: (no subject)

Hello people who are also exercising
: )

I've been doing formal exercise for just over a month, at home with workout DVD c/o the 'glamour' person: - Jordan. Only had a vague idea who she was but read a review that the workout DVD was good and fairly easy for a beginner. I had to start by doing only the warm up and the cool down and increase by a few minutes each day as I'm asthmatic, have a circulatory disease which can cause pain and am otherwise fairly unfit. But it's going great. I can do all of the exercises now and am doing a bit each day: on alternate days...

  1. The warm up, the aerobics workout, the abs workout then the cool down (stretching)
  2. The warm up, the resistance workout, the abs workout then the cool down

I've been told I should take a day off each week and do something lighter like yoga, but, being not the world's calmest person, I find it hard to get motivated to move calmly from one position to another and hold them for a while - bored too easily. I did give the yoga a go and felt great afterwards but haven't kept it up.

Doesn't seem to be many people saying much on this community???
Anyone reading this and interested in chatting about exercise progress also welcome to friend this journal (_boing_) and I'll friend back

(pi for now)
Trish xxxxx

Sat, Jan. 14th, 2006, 05:40 pm
emy_surfie_babe: Push up

Hey girlies,

Okay so I need some serious help, How can I do some proper push ups because I cant seem to do them the proper way, I just knee down with my legs crossed behind my back!

Any tips or suggests?