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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006, 11:26 pm

Hello people who are also exercising
: )

I've been doing formal exercise for just over a month, at home with workout DVD c/o the 'glamour' person: - Jordan. Only had a vague idea who she was but read a review that the workout DVD was good and fairly easy for a beginner. I had to start by doing only the warm up and the cool down and increase by a few minutes each day as I'm asthmatic, have a circulatory disease which can cause pain and am otherwise fairly unfit. But it's going great. I can do all of the exercises now and am doing a bit each day: on alternate days...

  1. The warm up, the aerobics workout, the abs workout then the cool down (stretching)
  2. The warm up, the resistance workout, the abs workout then the cool down

I've been told I should take a day off each week and do something lighter like yoga, but, being not the world's calmest person, I find it hard to get motivated to move calmly from one position to another and hold them for a while - bored too easily. I did give the yoga a go and felt great afterwards but haven't kept it up.

Doesn't seem to be many people saying much on this community???
Anyone reading this and interested in chatting about exercise progress also welcome to friend this journal (_boing_) and I'll friend back

(pi for now)
Trish xxxxx

Sat, Feb. 18th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)
reis_gym: Re: Hello

I am just learning things myself. My Lead singer is a workout monster so I get tips from him... As I learn from him I'll spread the knowledge... The one thing I have learned is that the most important thing in any attempt to get fit, is diet... That is like 85% of the battle of the Bulge.